View Full Version : BUILD LOG: Super X1LP HiTorque Mill - Belt Drive - Brushless MT2 Metric Conversion

21-02-2016, 08:33 PM
First day to play with this since parts arrived and I have it running, still some finishing to do as the Z axis motor assembly held in place with a pair of quick release clamps. But up and running in a little over 12 hours start to finish, first job pocketing out some acrylic for bearings and a 3mm Aluminium print bed (Using 6mm Router bit) for another project completed.

As an Ex Bricklayer now IT consultant I have no experience with the milling or engineering, ordered and received the Mill about a week ago unpacked and remained untouched until today. My only experience related to CNC previously has been building/repairing 3d Printers and Laser Engravers etc for friends and family and 3D printing a CNC just for fun.

As you can probably see no planning or design went into the conversion, I went with the suck it and see approach, look at each axis one at a time and work out a way to get the motors firmly attached and driving the leadscrews before hooking up electrics and configuring Mach3.

Its an ugly beast at the moment a few nuts and bolts 6 short lengths of 2020 extrusion, 2 x 8mm couplers and a pair of 20-40 tooth cogs for GT2 belt from 3d printer supplies. Now I've confirmed its possible I will look at better materials and fixings to tidy and strengthen thins up at least with the mill running I have a chance to machine parts required apart from trimming the 2020 as required manually I have no experience machining anything other than wood, or acrylic with a Laser cutter.

Any advice welcome but please remember total of 12 hours spent so far and its running smoothly and only 80 spent on 3 Steppers and a TB6560 parts plus a few scraps from my workshop. And surprisingly it works and is quiet enough to use in my first floor flat without upsetting neighbours.

My reasoning behind this build is to purely to get something up an running enabling me to make parts for the next build that will actually be planned a solid 1500x1000x300 cnc router.

I built and played with a Mostly Printed CNC constructed out of 25mm conduit and printed parts but as you can imagine it only works until you try and do some real work with it. 17666