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24-02-2016, 06:03 PM
Hi All,

I have two bridgeport interacts with TNC 145 and have been looking at CAM software for a while now.. downloaded a few trials etc but have never got further than that.

Anyway, i was looking again today and realised Autodesk do "inventor HSM" and the 2.5D software is completely free! Perfect as i already have inventor.

So, i have had a good play around and drawn up a few tool paths, found a post for tnc 155 which will hopefully work, post processed the tool paths and im happy with how the programme looks.

...this is where i need help, i have no idea where to start when linking the computer to the machine and transfering the programme. I have a rs232 cable & serial adaptor which i have had much success with on a harrison alpha lathe, does anyone know of a step by step guide to linking a 145? I've read a lot about 151's but cant seem to find much for the 145.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.

Best Regards,


24-02-2016, 11:33 PM
It's in the manual here:


Also down load TNC Server from :


25-02-2016, 01:38 PM
Thanks Andrew!

... I didnt think to look in the manual. Have you had any experience using wireless Rs232 connections? Trouble is, the computer i have inventor on is in an office about 20m from the machine... would a wireless connection work or should i just order a really long cable? (moving the computer isn't really an option).

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25-02-2016, 03:28 PM

My machine has a TNC355, I've previously had one with a TNC151b but never a TNC145. I think the transfer blockwise however works the same.

I had the same issue with distance between machine and computer - commercial wireless duplex RS232 units are a silly price and I eliminated them on cost. I did experiment with Bluetooth devices, but it just wasn't reliable enough - there are enough issues feeding the controller without having to worry about the integrity of the data ! So I made up a long lead - it's not difficult.

You'll find a discussion on the issue from a few years ago here :


There are a few things you must get lined up:

a/ run TNC Server on the PC set in the correct mode and looking at the directory containing your program (TNCServer is part of TNCREMO)

b/ The program must have an 'I' extension for iso g code or 'H' extension for conversational, and must be 'named' by number 1.H 2.H 3.H etc. The program number has to be embedded into the first and last lines of the code as per the manual.

c/ Cable wiring needs to be correct - see that link - standard cables rarely work, they need customising.

d/ The TNC needs setting up for correct baud rate etc

Have fun and report back :)

25-02-2016, 03:43 PM
Thanks for quick response!

Heres an update: -

When establishing connection in TNCremo, its giving me a "no response from tnc" error...? I had the cable made up for me, it works perfect on the lathe.

For now i am programming in office, dropping files onto memory stick and using them in tncremo on laptop in workshop. I will make up a long cable once i get things running :)

Programme has a .H extension (145 cant convert to G-code i believe), so on line 0 i need to write "1.H" and the same on the last line?

Baud rate is set at 2400.

Thanks for the help! - look forward to hearing back.


25-02-2016, 04:43 PM
Program format is absolutely vital - other wise it's ignored - here is an example pasted - don't seem to be able to attach as file :(

You have read the bit about setting the TNC 'mode' haven't you re EXT FE etc - sounds like your cable or setting are wrong rather than the pogram though

1 L Z0 R0 F15000 M91
2 TOOL CALL 2 Z S1309
3 L X0. Y0. R0 F15000 M6
4 L X27.5 Y19.0 R F M3
5 L R F M8
6 L Z2.54 R M
7 L Z0.254 R F236 M
8 L X37.5 Z-0.496 R F236 M
9 L X27.5 Z-1.247 R F236 M
10 L X37.5 Z-1.997 R F236 M
11 L X27.5 Z-2.747 R F236 M
12 L X37.5 Z-3.498 R F236 M
13 L X27.5 Z-4.248 R F236 M
14 L X37.5 Z-4.999 R F236 M
15 L X27.5 Z-5.749 R F236 M
16 L X37.5 Z-6.499 R F236 M
17 L X27.5 Z-7.25 R F236 M
18 L X37.5 Z-8.0 R F236 M
19 L X35.17 R F471 M
21 L X27.5 Y19.0 R M
22 L X37.5 Z-8.496 R F236 M
23 L X27.5 Z-9.247 R F236 M
24 L X37.5 Z-9.997 R F236 M
25 L X27.5 Z-10.747 R F236 M
26 L X37.5 Z-11.498 R F236 M
27 L X27.5 Z-12.248 R F236 M
28 L X37.5 Z-12.999 R F236 M
29 L X27.5 Z-13.749 R F236 M
30 L X37.5 Z-14.499 R F236 M
31 L X27.5 Z-15.25 R F236 M
32 L X37.5 Z-16.0 R F236 M
33 L X35.17 R F471 M
35 L X27.5 Y19.0 R M
36 L X37.5 Z-16.496 R F236 M
37 L X27.5 Z-17.247 R F236 M
38 L X37.5 Z-17.997 R F236 M
39 L X27.5 Z-18.747 R F236 M
40 L X37.5 Z-19.498 R F236 M
41 L X27.5 Z-20.248 R F236 M
42 L X37.5 Z-20.999 R F236 M
43 L X27.5 Z-21.749 R F236 M
44 L X37.5 Z-22.499 R F236 M
45 L X27.5 Z-23.25 R F236 M
46 L X37.5 Z-24.0 R F236 M
47 L X35.17 R F471 M
49 L X27.5 Y19.0 R M
50 L X37.5 Z-24.496 R F236 M
51 L X27.5 Z-25.247 R F236 M
52 L X37.5 Z-25.997 R F236 M
53 L X27.5 Z-26.747 R F236 M
54 L X37.5 Z-27.498 R F236 M
55 L X27.5 Z-28.248 R F236 M
56 L X37.5 Z-28.999 R F236 M
57 L X27.5 Z-29.749 R F236 M
58 L X37.5 Z-30.499 R F236 M
59 L X27.5 Z-31.25 R F236 M
60 L X37.5 Z-32.0 R F236 M
61 L X35.17 R F471 M
64 TOOL CALL 2 Z S1571
65 L X33.834 Y24.85 R FMAX M
66 F471
67 L X32.559 Y25.928 R F368 M
68 CC X31.504 Y23.388
69 C X30.895 Y26.07 DR+ R F184 M
70 CC X32.5 Y19.0
71 C X30.895 Y26.07 DR+ R F218 M
72 CC X32.5 Y19.0
73 C X28.566 Y25.09 DR+ R M
74 CC X30.058 Y22.78
75 C X27.505 Y23.801 DR+ R F184 M
76 L X27.385 Y22.136 R F368 M
77 L Z25.4 R M
78 L Z0 R0 F15000 M91
79 L R F M2
80 LBL 1
81 CC X32.5 Y19.0
82 C X35.17 Y19.0 DR+ R F471 M
83 CC X49.383 Y19.0
84 C X35.525 Y22.159 DR- R M
85 CC X33.334 Y22.658
86 C X33.834 Y24.85 DR+ R M
87 CC X32.5 Y19.0
88 C X33.834 Y24.85 DR+ R M
89 LBL 0
90 END PGM 14 MM

25-02-2016, 05:49 PM
Yeah i think it sounds like the cable, i've been told pin layout will be different on the one i have... So ive just been to maplins for the bits to make up a new one :).

The programme the cam has generated looks absolutely fine.


25-02-2016, 07:25 PM
Wired cable up 2-2, 3-3, 5-7 and still no joy. Will try with 4-8 6-4 7-5 and 20-6 aswell and see how we get on (wiring from post on cnczone).


25-02-2016, 08:00 PM
There is a Heidenhain publication called

Data Interfaces
Service Manual

Google it and down load - if you can't find it pm me your email address and I'll send you a copy.

It describes all the parameters and setting for the various controllers for RS232 comms - this is a small extract that is probably in your manual anyway but it has far more detail

25-02-2016, 08:03 PM

How funny, i started looking through the interfaces manual just as you posted. Hopefully i will have some joy with it...



01-03-2016, 03:39 PM
Hi Andrew,

Managed to get back to the bridgeport today, i rang heidenhain for pinouts so cable is sorted. TNC server and controller coming up with no errors, however i can only send a programme to the laptop from the controller! Which is the opposite of what im trying to do. Whenever i try to send the opposite way, TNC server just says "receiving file" for a couple of seconds then goes back to doing nothing.

Any ideas?



01-03-2016, 04:51 PM
The format is crucial. I seem to remember that it has to start with CR/LF then the file name etc, but it's all described in the link I gave you. (As were the pin outs !!!!) Check what mode you are in by pressing the MOD key as per the manual - is it FE mode - I can't remember it's been a long time!

Does your TNC145 allow you to do a Directory list of available programs off the PC, and if so is the one you want showing?

.... hang on ... TNC Server says 'receiving file' ..... it should be SENDING a file - something wrong there how are you intigating the transfer - it should be done on the buttons on the TNC

In edit mode, press 'Program Number' then EXT and on the menu displayed select 'receive selected program' - press the number corresponding to the program and Enter and it should come whizzing in and show on th PC screen TNCServer panel as it does if you have the 'detail' option pressed.

Got your baud rates set the same both ends and iirc TNC145 can only do 1200 baud ??

01-03-2016, 05:48 PM
Sending sorted, i didnt realise i had to be in programming editing mode on the control to send a file from the control. Now what should be the final problem -- the post processor (its a mile off).

The one im using i got off the autodesk forum, its for a 151 control and it misses the feed and M function which needs to be on every line.

Why cant everything just be simple?