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    I am wondering as i am going to start selling parts and plans for belt grinder and some attachments, how to present them and what file format? I have drawn all in NX9 and all parts are grouped by assemblies etc, where even the last tiny washer / a lot of time/.

    Basically i will start selling the plans, the wheels and the plans for free or reduced price together, the ready machine.

    So the problem comes that every next machine will be bettered and developed, as i don't see it as final. Though fully functional, but not up to my standard, in other word not an absolutely completed design. Otherwise i would have made a big PDf with step by step how pieces go together , etc and DXF with the cutouts.

    I like the EASM viewer but NX to EASM is very expensive program.

    Obviously 2D DXF with all parts ready to laser cut or similar. Then Step and IGES files? The idea here is not to hide sth but to be easy for the person to use the info. Any ideas?
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    DXF for anything that needs laser cutting but parts could just be generic PDF files
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    Quote Originally Posted by John S View Post
    DXF for anything that needs laser cutting but parts could just be generic PDF files
    You mean 3D to JPG-PDF? On the other hand I have seen 3D PDFs but will have to look how is done, if it would be easy .
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    If you are going to give 3D models, I would recommend IGES or STEP. Out of the two, Step is the only one currently being developed further (from what I read).

    DXF's obviously with dimensions are without saying the best way of course.
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    No just 2D flat PDF's.
    I make stuff all day long and never been sent a 3D file yet.

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    As others said if it's to be used as a template to cut stuff out then drawings to scale in PDF format are fine. I would recommend a list of all the parts at the end of the document

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    We won 23,753 world wars using paper plans.
    23,749 - I think you'll find four of them were on fag packets !
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