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    After years of lurking n dreaming on the forums I have started my own build.
    While Im not ready with the mechanical part yet I have started planning the electrical stuff.

    The pokeys57cnc sounds dreamy!!

    Ive read that boyan had some trouble with it.
    But no offence boyan, you demand alot!!

    So Im wondering if anyone is using this product and is satisfied?
    Found alot on the zone, but Ive learnt that they are not to be trusted :D

    Ive read the manual for the 57cnc but cant get my head around it.. can i just connect 24v to it and use 24v for all accessories? And still connect ordinary stepper drivers? Or do I have to use some kind of resistor inbetween?

    The mad one

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    Welcome to the forum MO!

    What parts of the manual are you finding difficult to understand?

    Do you have a machine mechanically designed and planed out, that you will be following, building from and sticking to religiously?

    The reason I ask is because here on the forum, we often advise people to finalize the full mechanical first, as it can largely dictate your choice's for the best "electrical stuff".
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    Thanks Mr Roberts

    Well the thing I don't really get with the pokeys57cnc is if you can connect 24vdc to it and connect the stepper drivers directly to the board as you would with cheapo Chinese breakout board? Some 24v breakout boards require resistors between bob and drivers?

    As I understand 24v is much better for limit/home switches!

    I am fairly sure of my design, will post build log when I start to get somewhere :D

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    its powered by 24v but it has 5v inputs and outputs. Some motor drives require resistor even for the 5v step dir signal, so read your motor drive manual.

    I did not require much, just to work, which it did not. Apart from basic functions like moving the motors, which the board did right, i had non working PWM output, relay switching on and off when it wants to, output voltage for VFD was not stable, manual was well written at times, at times missing important info, etc.

    Maybe i had some bad interference problems from my servo drives. Or faulty board, which i doubt as i had similar problems from other board on its place, so the interference problems may be the explanation. Support was ok, they answered my questions and tried to help me. We had long conversations. In short- i wanted this combo to work- it did not. I dont say its good or bad, it did not work for me. That's all.

    Its not so cheap as it looks on first glance. if i were you i would go with the one Dean recommends so much - the CSMIO 4 axis. A bit more expensive but really much more professional. It is tested with time, 24V IO, differential IO and most of all is properly shielded. The chinese offline controller DDSCV1 also works for the moment ok.

    Limit switches can work on 24v and using a resistor be connected to the 5v input of any board. So no, that's not the deal. The deal is the 24v IO of the board, that will not show false positive to say, when some spikes arise. As happened with the Pokeys. It was funny to try to probe with it and every couple of seconds the led will light and the board will think that the probe was triggered. Falsely of course. So no probing working properly. That could not have happened with 24v signal. I would say even the bigger deal is the differential signals to motors but you need good drives that support that.
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    Bummer! I was hoping for 24v signalsystem in the pokeys. Deal breaker! To bad I can't afford the csmio ip-'s because I have two motors on x axis and want the possibility of gantrysquaring through use of homeswitches. .. food for thought, will have to rethink... again ;)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nr1madman View Post
    Bummer! I was hoping for 24v signal system in the pokeys. Deal breaker! To bad I can't afford the csmio ip-'s because I have two motors on x axis and want the possibility of gantry squaring through use of home switches. .. food for thought, will have to rethink... again ;)
    I thought also that this is a deal breaker but now after experiencing various controllers i am not so sure about that. Honestly, i start to prefer a controller that will send the signals in the right way so when something happens its easier to eliminate in my mind the reason why it happened.

    -Its not a big deal to make a hard stop at the end so machine is squared when hits it, program machine 0 there and before switching machine on, to make sure that is squared
    -some motors/ servo usually/ support "hard stop" / not same as the above/, which means they dont need sensors, when you hit them / slowly/ against the hard stop of the machine they emit the homing signal.
    -use one motor for Y and A with belt connecting them

    The only reason not to buy the CSMIO was doing some investigating to see if i could cheat the Devil, but till now- no, maybe only the Chinese offline controllers will do that. Still not sure if they are mature enough though.

    if you are looking into the other cheap controllers you will find that at the end the total controller+breakout board+relay board =~300 euro or more, same as CSMIO. I am still not happy with that but thats reality

    There is the Smooth stepper also in combination with some good breakout board. Dont forget about that.

    I have always said it- the BOB choice is ridiculously limited, soon the new 3d printing BOBs will be better / at least when they wake up that a higher clock frequency is needed/
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    The csmio sounds like an iPhone. Too good to be true!! Probably why I don't initially like it ;) the smoothstepper demands good bob.. so back to square one!!

    When you say hardstop, do you use rubber in between the stop and gantry? if you do, will that not wear uneven?

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    The 3d printing guys are al insane in their electronics and micro computers and programmes :D I want something else.. more industri, less mcguyver !

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    When a machine is constructed correctly and precisely even moving with hand left screw / or nut in case of rotating nut/ moves easily gantry front back. When i say hard stop i mean a clamp or sth to be as a stop guide at end of the rail/ if there is a place.

    Vice stop locator on ebay. Imagine that is clamped at the end of the rails both one side so that when machine hits it gantry is straight square. there is a proper element in the Hiwin catalog but can not find it or remember its name. Definitely not rubber, as we are talking squaring gantry

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Csmio=Iphone I wish it was/ not that i like iphones /. I did not like it for the price and that they refused to make it square the gantry if you dont buy the expensive model. With lame excuses that it can not be done/ which is ridiculous/. Plus i hated when i had the money to buy it, to add it in the card and discover that its without VAT, so when i added the VAT it was sth like 800euro at that moment / the expensive model/. How i hate lame traps like that. I know, now dean will say- because its for Pros/ company/ and thats why the price is without VAT. Nevertheless...
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