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  1. Can someone give me a link to a tutorial or easy to understand description of indexable lathe tools so I can make sense of whats on offer on fleabay. I need to replace the tooling on my lathe and in the past I have ground my own tools but thats been for very basic turning operations on soft metals. Rather than acquire some more HSS toolstock and apply my moderately hamfisted attempts at making tools I thought I'd progress to either ready made brazed carbide tools or indexable tipped tools...

    Any constructive views on one v the other and where to purchase cheaply?

  2. Kip,

    You've confirmed what I was already thinking... but so many varieties of tooling and most of the ebay ones seem to be 25x25 which is too big, I need 10x10 or 12x12 I think. I havent figured out the types of tip yet either... I haven't seen an indexable parting tool... maybe I'll bite the bullet and look at RDG's catalogue or pop up to Chronos at Dunstable this weekend.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Kip View Post
    If you fancy seeing what the 12mm brazed stuff is like Irving I have 3 12mm tools I found today you could have a play with?
    You have too much stuff if you can just 'find' somehting like that! What have you got?

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    Found these the other week.

    After I'd been making them :whistling:

    John S -

  5. Quote Originally Posted by John S View Post
    Found these the other week.

    After I'd been making them :whistling:

    surely its cheaper to buy them, or were you being paid to make them?

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    I bought one of those turning tools of John, not bad for the price he is selling them at!

    The other thing to try is find a local second hand machine tool dealer, I called in at one in Leicester a couple of weeks ago and he had box's full of second hand tools and tips, after hunting round for half an hour I came away with a indexable tip turning tool, an iscar indexable 3mm part off blade with holder, 2 nearly full box's of tips for both and a nearly complete 58 piece clamp set for my router.
    Grand total - 35 - Bargain, a box of tips would be more than that.

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    I got one of those but a couple of times I am sure the tip moved when I was machining, I think I must be loading it wrong. All the other ones I have the tip is secured via a hole in the middle.
    I have bought some 20x20 holders off fleabay and machined them down to fit my holders, takes a carbide cutter to do it but they are always cheaper on fleabay than 12mm or 10mm ones. All I need to do now is find some wayof reducing the diameter of carbide milling cutters larger that 1/2" dia then I will be laughing (perhaps I should get a larger mill better still larger workshop)


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    Quote Originally Posted by ptjw7uk View Post
    I got one of those but a couple of times I am sure the tip moved when I was machining

    I bought a set of 8mm on the bay. The tip moved, tightened it and the thread stripped. Haven't used them since.

    If anyone knows which one can stand a bit of abuse I'd be interested

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    Some great parting tools here will last for ages might be expensive though.

    Another great source for tools more comprehensive can be found below.



    Regards Phill
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