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    I have collected too many 1.2Nm stepper motors, so it's time to sell some. Good for things like rotary tables, or small machines. Here they are:

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    Two versions:
    M57STH56-2404S - the inductance is around 3mH (maybe less, will check if interested) and the phase current rating is 2.4A (from the 24 in the part number). 16.50 each

    The others aren't labelled, but I gather they are 103H7123-5843. The closest datasheet I can find is here, with the part number 103H7123-5840, which is 1.0Nm, 3A/phase and 3.5mH. 16 each

    The shaft size on both is 6.35mm, single ended.

    Postage at cost via Royal mail or courier (e.g. Parcel2go.com) - 2nd class with Royal mail for one motor is 2.85.
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