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    Cheers. They are MBA12-C mounts with FK12 bearing blocks and matching FF12 at the other end.

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    Well, wasn't needed at work today so thought I'd be productive!

    Machined one set of wings:

    Initial setup for drilling/milling

    Fastened down with m6 bolts:

    I totally love adaptive clearing on fusion 360:

    flipped over and machined on second side:

    finished parts:

    And some fitted pics:

    I've ordered a new spindle, mine is definitely not quite happy and I'm concerned that soon it may start causing actual problems. There goes next months budget
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    Looking good there, keep it up.

    I'm also getting into F360 and it has not disappointed me yet. I can't see myself going back to Vectric Cut2D, unless some very simple job comes up.

    When you flip the part to machine the other side how are you aligning it? Looks like you are using the profile witness mark in the sacrificial board and aligning by eye?
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    Yeah I love fusion, it's absolutely brilliant to me - the modelling is fantastic but the machining side is extremely powerful and well-featured imo, and being able to jump straight from modelling into machining, back again to tweak something and then just having to re-generate the tool path to get the updated tool path is brill.

    Flipping the parts varies between the parts, I use dowel pins or the bolt holes, and yes the interior witness line is very useful for checking everything is perfect when just using the bolt holes for alignment if you are careful.
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    So last bit of work for a while as I'm now pretty much out of alu stock. just whipped out the second pair of face plate wings today.

    I like the stance, it's looking purposeful :) extremely happy with how solid the whole thing is feeling so far.
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    New spindle arrived already... looks/sounds good spinning up, but as per camera's experience it wasn't earthed at all.

    Swapped over the connector while I was at it, added an earth and made sure I had continuity to the main body too.

    Fingers crossed the spindle was actually the problem!

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    So managed to find a bit of 20mm plate that was big enough to make another part from, not for the lower frame which I had intended to build first - this is the Z-axis mounting plate but given that I don't have the plate to make any other parts at the moment I thought I may as well crack on!

    Few little design tweaks before I made it, I've added a fillet to the risers in order to help fold the brush strip out of the way in a controlled fashion, and I've made one bolt on each of the carriages into a DIN7 shoulder bolt so that the thing should have no choice but to be aligned square with the rails.

    forgot to take a setup pic, so here it is getting started after the first drilling ops:

    Top side done:

    Drilled and inserted some dowel pins to align for rear machining, it just needs a pocket to clear the motor mounts cleanly and while I was there a threw a little chamfer around the contour:

    Finished part:

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    very nice indeed!

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    No news on the CNC front, apart from that I've just ordered a big fat stack of aluminium, which is enough to do pretty much all of the remaining parts (just the spindle mount and the extrusion for the gantry missing). Hopefully that'll arrive sometime towards the end of the week.

    However I haven't been totally idle, I have just installed my newest toy which is going to be a bit of a distraction! I haven't used a lathe in many moons, probably not since I was 16 at school, and I have pretty much no idea what I'm doing so it's going to take a bit of time to learn it all. Intentions are to get to grips with using it manually then think about a conversion to CNC.

    Wabeco D4000 with DRO's:

    Playing with some test scrap:

    Mmmmm... complicated....

    Anyway, hope to have the aluminium by the end of the week and apart from finishing off the BBQ project, carrying on the new router is top of my list so should see some progress soon.

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