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    Hi.anyone out there know anything about the suregrave cnc router.It is the gryphon model.can this be made to run using mach3. Thanks.michael

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    Hi Micheal,
    Mach3 could be made to run your house if wanted so yes it can easily run that machine. However first well need to know little more of what makes it tick.?

    Can you provide any info you have of whats inside the control box or provide good clear pics of inside so can work out what you have. From that can tell you whats required.

  3. yes it can be converted to run mach3, i used to sell them the stepper motor/drivers and the DC brushless spindle motors, so converting it to run on mach3 is just like any other conversion.

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    hi Gary, I have asked the seller for more information. would it be a better long term buy then a 6040 router. michael

  5. depends on what you want to do with it, from memory, suregrave made small machines and were more for engraving so the spindle was small (about 100W or under) the chinese machines while still a bag of crap, may be more robust and more suited to cutting?
    suregrave are no more, so i cant find details on this machine, so cant be sure of the model and spec.
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    Quote Originally Posted by terry1956 View Post
    hi Gary, I have asked the seller for more information. would it be a better long term buy then a 6040 router. michael
    There is NO Better with these Chinese machines only trouble long term.!
    My advise would be get the suregrave running under mach3 then sell it and buy or build better router if you need to cut rather than engrave.
    If they do indeed have drives/motors supplied by gary then chances are at worst case you'll only need Breakout board or best case won't need anything. Just install mach3 and setup it up with correct parameters. Which like I said further down if you provide Pics we can work out what you have and what goes where. This will then give us the parameters you'll need to feed mach3.

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    The suregrave is at a dealer who wants nearly twice the cost of a 1640 .I need the work area of a router to cut .5mm sheet brass for making model locomotives. I have better breakout boards and odds and ends from a sieg sx2 conversion I did. Dont really know of any good hobby cnc routers as the market is full of rebadged Chinese machines or overpriced ex school machines.its all abit of a minefield.i dont want to make a machine as my hobby is making model locomotives.michael

  8. What is your budget? i have an early prototype of one of our 10060 machines ready to go and working. Way overkill for what you are doing though.
    its used because we used to to help make the parts of our machines we sell.

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    Email me your price. [email protected][/email]. with details of chuck spindle etc and of course price.michael
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    heard nothing re router so still looking

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