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    I need some help. People start asking me to recommend vacuum cleaner for the workshop for CNC dust extraction and i dont have a way to check all that sale in EU, as they dont sell here in Spain. And web is flooded by information for USA models, which is pointless.

    So tell me what you use, good or bad, sucks or not?

    In my experience for best results it must be 2 stage motor at least. with 40-63mm hose. No more. Though i have done a separate silenced vacuum extraction using 1 stage motor and worked well, but not superbly.

    What i use now, i have 2x of them. Lavor GN-32 . Which is what i highly recommend. Its a great sucker and has no problem running 24/7

    I see more modern model is GNX 32 and sells very cheaply in ebay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ASPIRAPOLV...-/172017885431 Top part seems the same, so is the motor 1200w 50l/min

    One thing to say is i have disassembled completely the GN 32 and inside there is Made in Italy 2 stage motor that alone similar sale for 70 euro at ebay/ made in China.

    image from web:

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    I use an animal dc27 can't fault it no loss of suction

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    Depends on what you are doing, I need two. A wet'n'dry with a good crevice tool to get wet swarf out of my tee slots and something with cheap filter bags for everyday dust. Bulk buying filter bags can save an awful lot of faffing about.

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