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    I am building a simple 2axis foam cutting machine to be used far lettering/sign making. It will be controlled with mach3 and now I'm struggling to find a simple cam software dedicated to hotwire cutting. I need to be able to import the vectors from CorelDraw and be able to add where the hotwire enters and exits the shape and generate the g-code.

    I read about devCAD and profili but haven't tried them out yet. But I think they are to complex for my needs.

    Does anyone here know of any simple Cam software for hotwire cutting?


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    Does anyone here know of any simple Cam software for hotwire cutting?

    A free one here https://www.jedicut.com/en/ or perhaps http://www.foamwork.net/
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    I have been looking into this as well but figured dev cad with one of the control boxes they recommend maybe the fastest and simplest solution. I'm keen to hear what you decide on, I had not seen the ones linked above.
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