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    Here you go.
    A plug in to go from Sketchup directly into Cambam.


    John S -

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    Now there's something I didn't know about!
    CAMBAM ... I guess it is free .. I don't see anything on their site with prices or ought.

    I'll give that a go for sure:exclaim:

    Well done John, :clap: have you used it yourself?

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    U might want to check out the Phlatscript, a plugin designed to workup & export gcode from sketchup, made for the Phlatprinter, a cnc machine designed to cut foam for model aircraft, but may work for u as well.



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    Try SketchuCam they have good truing videos and identify how to push your file to G code.

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    V-Carve Pro and Aspire can now import Sketchup files and create toolpaths from them.
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    Thank you, there are also some good Extensions available from Phatboyz that generate Gcode

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    Quote Originally Posted by templecorran View Post

    I wanted to stress that Sketchup is a wonderful Proof of Concept tool. Not recommended for model manufacture.
    It does seem a problem that such I popular and easy 3D tool would be so troublesome to CNC. Trimble should sort out this mess.


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