I have my Bridgeport Interact 720H with the non-graphics controller Heidenhain 351, leveled and up and running, by than I mean I can turn it on, let it complete self test. I have cut one 2" test circle, which stayed within .001 before the machine was leveled.

What I have learned from this is I need some training material on using the BP 720H, keep in mind I do have all the Heidenhain manuals. I am sure, there are many who have taken classes over the years... The question is do you still have any of this training material laying around that I could get a copy of. I am open to almost any format. Windows 3.1 and up, copies, restaurant napkins, you name it.

I am currently trying to understand the tool central file, program 0, I cannot use the cool flex file system because I cannot lock out 3 of the broken tool holders in the ATC, or at least I don't know how to.

Thanks, Bryan