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    Now now boys, Calm down... no fighting.:nope:

    I don't need one "of YOUR damn DC speed controllers".
    I can make my own!
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    Quote Originally Posted by templecorran View Post
    I don't need one "of YOUR damn DC speed controllers".
    I can make my own!
    Smart arse.......

    But seriously, if you do want one they are four quadrant, digital speed controllers, switchable between 24-36v 200A max, speed control accepts 0-5v or 0-5ohm, forward and reverse, fully programmable acceleration and decel. All parameters changed by using 3 buttons on the front. Lots of either features that I won't go into. If you want a manual then I can email you one so you can have a look to see if there any good to you.

    As long as you point me in the right direction for when I do my spindle electronics then you can have one for nothing.

    And before John says anything, yes they are mine!
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    This is off topic but I wanted to share this info with you all:
    Our 2nd year Mechanical students are expected to enter "The Power Tools HotRod races" by taking a battery operated power tool and using it to provide the drive for a racing car.
    The designs are many and various and often too fragile to race.
    Having discussed with other staff over the past years, especially since Robot Wars was featured on the telly, what we could do to build an entry for the competition.
    The Hot Rod challenge is not so hard, as all you need is a bit of light board, a motor and battery.

    My friend found these motors:
    and we put together a challenger for the race.

    That's not the point of this post:
    My point is that these motors exist, are very cheap, will pull the solid curd off rice pudding (bowl and all) and run fast.

    However, I'm not so sure that in it's raw state without a reduction drive that it would be suitable for life as a spindle motor.

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    It's now a year later since I was active on the forum.
    Wifey made me a present of polystyrene sheeting for my shed last Christmas. The upheaval of lining the walls and roof left the shed in an unusable state. and on it goes... I wonder if she was telling something? Anyway, now I'm back to running my redesigned in Aluminium Rockcliff model A.

    I'm desperate to get a quiet as possible spindle that can handle bit sizes in the range 3/4" (1/4" shank) to 0.050" (1/8" shank). The 3/4" is a router bit and may only ever be run in my 1020W B&Q router.
    I stumbled upon a series in cnczone (http://www.cnczone.com/forums/457977-post54.html) where a fine engineer (Herbertkabi) has designed and published his work.

    He is adimant that he will not make spindles for others, so I'll just have to call in some favours with my colleagues and get help to make my own.

    This thread is about Mach3 control of DCBLMs. If Mach3 outputs a PWM, is it reasonable to assume that it has similar parameters to the Radio Controller Modules??
    In which case if it does, then the conclusion to this thread is YES.
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    'similar parameters to the Radio Controller Modules'

    You might fins what I've posted on this thread (towards the end) very relavant:


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    Have you considered a water cooled spindle

    They come in ER16 size you need a VFD to use & control the speed OK in Mach3

    They run from 8 to 24K

    As they use water for cooling they should be pretty quiet as it's the air cooling fan that makes the noise in routers

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