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    yea 1mm is fine its just trying to make it nice and ridged and reliable really without getting to complicated or expensive to manufacture. I think if I just go with two axis the wheels would be fine, I could maybe turn some on the lathe if I wanted I guess not sure if I its worth it. I'm going to look into some bright steel strip to see what lengths I could get that in maybe to see if that would be a option for running some skates down.

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    spent a while looking into other rail options. I spoke to the guys at hepco however even there basic utili track is going to be more than genuine hiwin so that's out!

    I think its going to be between plastic rollers direct on the extrusion or making some sort of v wheel of bearing setup that runs on steel.

    I have seen a few options for this there is one were they are using angle steel bolted top and bottom to which the bearings run on which would probably give the most stiffness if I were to want to run it as 4 axis (sorry pic is a little small)

    other wise I think I will maybe try and make my own plastic wheels ether by turning them on the late from something or perhaps 3d printing them maybe ?
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    Just received the Chinese MGN12 rails and carriages. Well, in one word:Not so bad. It will do the job. Great for the money .

    In detail:

    All was very well packed.

    6 rails 1300mm and 6 long carriages for 330euros including the import taxes i paid here /60 euros/. Should have payed 30 more to the transport company to do the import documentation, but as i spend quite some time to learn how to do it by myself, save that money for an hour work. The Hiwins would have been around 800 euros.

    All carriages came preloaded. 2 of the kits are same same as Hiwin, if i close my eyes and move the carriages. 3 of them are a bit more stiff. lastly on one of the rails and carriage combo at a certain point the rail is like stopping the carriage. But nothing very bad. All will do the job. maybe it helped that i bought them from bigger company that makes them, as in China everybody makes them, so difference from quality is very possible.

    Rails are definitely steel, not iron. And well hardened at that, tough to cut with angle grinder. No hack and chop saws! Only abrasive cutting will work.

    Rails bottoms came dirty with marks from scotch tape, so had to clean them with acetone.

    Charlie, i feel that MGN15 for sure, or even MGN12 will do the job you are looking to be done. Maybe some extra carriages/10 euros each/ and nothing to worry about. Anyway i bought rail and carriage combo so i have 2 left. You could do the same. Double the carriages on the long axis and thats it. There is no better and cheaper option i think. Or why not even double the rails? I did not buy the MGN20 for the sole reason that weight more and shipping was 200 for it. So at the end of the day some calculation should be made.
    The problem you are facing is that the MGN 12 will enter the slot, as your slots are bigger. hence check that also. Or drill and tap.

    One more thing. There seems but joining such small rails like the 12 size will Not be a problem. I was also wondering that when i was deciding. All that saves on shipping costs.
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    Thanks for the update glad they are ok and will do the job. As much as I want to use slides at probably over 700 by the time they arrive just to do two axis I think I will give the roller idea a go first and do a few quick mock ups and see if I can get the stiffness to do what I want at least for starters. The aluminum on its own is the best part of 500 so to do such a simple job that im after a machine that would end up at around 1500 is going to be over my budget.

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    been looking around again and have been wondering if 16mm bright mild steel rod could be used with some sbr bearings if I was to make some sort of supports however I did then find 2 x 2500mm sbr16 rails and 4 x sbr16 bearings for 112 which for the time it would save may be a good compromise assuming that they should but join together ok. The only thing I guess is it would mean ether making a interface plate to mount the rail or drilling and taping the extrusion to mount the rail.

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