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    Just came back to the post. I used my K-3 to spray shellac and just left it after use without even emptying the French Polish out. I'll clean it out one day (it has been over two years now). Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the donkey, how's that for can't be arsed!

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    And how do I choose this paint sprayer? I still don't understand anything

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    Still have the guns and even painted a car with the bigger one. So i still recommend them.

    But now I would say only for small projects. It was pain in the a%% to paint big projects and especially thick polyurethanes that i had to dilute. Same with the epoxy base which has probably become DIYers best universal base as it sticks to anything, wood , plastics, bumpers, cars, etc. and is antirust.

    Now some info, updated 2023

    So i decided now to get a better gun . And decided on combo. I would have spent around 200eu for Devilbiss FLG 5 1.3 and 1.7 kit , which in UK is at a very good price, but nowadays you can not buy from anywhere and ship to Spain without paying duty -thanks Brexit-

    So back to the basics ' China

    Nowadays the Chinese manufacturing is making a lot of stuff but i narrowed it down to 2 excellent choices. Make sure its the NTOOLS version:

    1. A copy of GTI pro Devilbiss ,1.3 and buy separately the 1.8 nozzle kit. at around 100 euro its an excellent kit that will cover anyone's needs. Good thing is you can add digital pressure meter directly at the gun. If i was painting all day this would be the gun of choice.

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    2. I wanted the gun combo to be cheapest possible and best quality possible so here it is:

    1.3 and 1.7mm combo kit PPS for 58 euros 2 days shipping straight in Europe from Germany.
    PPS means the Gravity vessel has another one with filter inside, so for aprox 1 euro at every painting you dont need to clean anything but the gun, and the paint is filtered and can stay some time in the gun if one does second coat in 15 min or sth. Sold separately the consumables in 165, 400 ,600, 810ml
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    the gun is a very high quality, copy of SATA probably, on a level with 400eu gun, yes i have 400eu gun at home i don't use as i have only 1.0mm nozzle and the proper nozzles i need are at around 130eu each, so...
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    project 1 , 2, Dust Shoe ...

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    I recently bought a Burisch gun from GT Air - well made and does a fine job.

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