I've just purchased a 4 axis CNC router on eBay. The ubiquitous Chinese 3040 machine. It was shipped from Germany and when it eventually arrived was somewhat scratched and shop soiled.

Soon had it up and running, apart from computer control of the spindle motor and the 4th Axis (3 jaw chuck). The bed was about 1.5mm out of level on the X axis. About 0.8mm on the Y axis. Not good!

These machines are supplied with a pirated copy of Mach3 and a completely useless manual in Chinglish that looks as if the printer was out of toner.

The seller is denmall850 Now take a note of that name.

I had a CNC machine expert and trouble shooter to examine the machine and he established that the controller was faulty.

The seller has refused to supply new controller on the grounds that its "too expensive for us to replace"

So I am left with a 3 axis machine, manual control of the spindle motor and one that cannot do very accurate work, due to the bed inaccuracies.

It will suffice for some basic work, but as you can imagine I am somewhat disappointed.

But lesson learnt. Don't buy Chinese! Don't buy from denmall850

No back up, no warranty!