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    Progress on my first rebuild of my control box.
    Initial photo shows what I started with on my 6040.
    This is my first time wiring up anything other than a plug and never used solder before either so was a nice experience.
    The 2nd photo which looks very messy was my first attempt at wiring everything and discovered I had two wires touching that fried a stepper motor.
    The 3rd photo is me finished for now I've rewired the sheilded wires properly with heat shrink and a better job at soldering.
    Thank you to you guys aswell for your input and advice.
    Next step will be to wire the vfd to get mach3 controlling it.
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    Update I have a fault with the Y axis only going in one direction when jogging both left and right arrows.
    I have fault tested all the wires, motors and different setups and pinpointed it to the breakout board itself.
    initially I presumed it was my wiring so swapped the green connector plugs on X axis and Y axis and the result was X would only go in one direction and Y became crippled in movement. at this point I got confused and fault tested everything finding the motors, wires and drivers all worked perfectly when not wired to the Y axis pins on the breakout board.
    I tried different settings on Y axis as well in mach3 thinking it could be a settings issue but no luck however I am no expert on mach3.
    Does anyone recognise this issue or have any suggestions or is it possibly there is a physical fault with the pins on the breakout board?

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    other posts I have read have had problems due to faulty breakout boards
    others have had problems with chinese copies of other manufactures usb motion controllers
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    going by your photo you may have to either try another BOB or connect the BOB to a PC parallel printer port


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    yeah I have the UC400 there floating above the Bob, I kinda new I was going to have to buy another BoB but was hoping it may just be a software fix :/

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    how many axis are you using?
    I can only see 3 stepper drivers in your photo
    If I am correct move the Y axis to the unused A axis on pins 8 & 9

    this diagram is the result of reverse engineering a board to help another member
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    do you have an old PC with a parallel port you could use to test the BOB ?

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    When I had this problem (except with the Z axis) it turned out that the "direction" wire had come out of the drive. The drive thought that the direction was always the same polarity (whichever it pulls to) so the step pulses always made it go the same way. It happened just after I had done some mods to the unit that involved disturbing the wiring. Poked the wire in the term block, did the screw up properly, problem solved. The same thing would happen if the connection had come off at the BoB end of the link, or on the BoB itself. Trace it through before you buy a new BoB.
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    I tested the wiring but not the actual pins on the board, I will do that as well as try using the A axis pins.
    question what would I be looking for when using a multimeter on the pins or should I say what are they meant to read if worked correctly? actually I could compare the other working axis to show what it should be so answered my own question there.
    Also was thinking over the A axis swap method as JohnSwift mentioned, When I activate the A axis with 8 and 9 pins how do I make the system treat A as Y or do I put the Y pins 4 and 5 into the A axis?
    Before I did have a parallel port with a previous BoB which did have all 3 axis working however I burnt that one out accidently so got the cheap one you see in the picture also I went for this BoB because it had the relays for controlling the VFD on/off and Speed control.
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    assuming you are using mach 3

    I expect in ports and pins you have

    X axis step = pin 2 , direction= pin 3

    Y axis step = pin 4, direction = pin 5

    Z axis step= pin 6 , direction= pin 7

    if that is correct

    change the Y axis to

    Y axis step= pin 8 , direction = pin 9
    then connect the " A axis " output terminals 8 & 9 to the Y axis stepper driver

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    Sorted, all axis are working now. Just need to finish figuring out the vfd part now. Funnily enough I know how to wire the spindle speed but the simple on off relay on the bob connects to ? on the vfd...probably staring right at the answer but can't see it.

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    great result you have control of the stepper motors sorted

    the relay will connect between the common and the forward switch terminal on the VFD

    in the VFD manual there is usually a diagram to wire switches for the manual control of the VFD and a remote potentiometer to control the speed

    on a CNC machine the variable DC voltage from the potentiometer is replaced by the 0 to 10V output from the breakout board
    and the relay replaces the forward switch

    do you have a link to download the VFD ?
    or post the make and model number to search for the manual


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