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    Wonderful toolpath program? Now I have seen everything! I thought it was an abomination and barely workable,but I have a much higher regard for XP than for any subsequent Windows version.

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    . my first 4 years of programming were spent with toolpath. back then, it actually was pretty powerful program. it just took a lot of patience to figure it out. don't misread that, i dont like the program. but it was free and it did 3 dimensional work. now you you have to buy a separate program just to do 2D work. its like going to school to learn CAD and spending the first year with a pencil and straight edge. a bit frustrating but in the end its knowledge the kids wont ever have.
    XP is fine. we really do have an XP pro laptop out in the shop running a ten year old version of Cut 2D pro. Yes it works, but it only has one job it can do. and that's not because it cant, there's just nothing out there for it. no support, no programming. the only browser that will even acknowledge its existence is the one microsoft killed last year for being too outdated. i grew up in the era of windows 95. i love these older machines. however, open file explorer in XP and file explorer in 10 and do a search and tell me you still prefer XP. the dog and paperclip were cute, but they had their day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by t8r007 View Post
    you need the AXYZ DMC software and the usb to RS 485 converter . then you can use your choice of CAM software. the DMC program is included in AXYZ's software suite for the original AMC operating systems.
    It's actually called DNC but yes, this is all you need to get code across.

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    If you have the original AXYZ CD,the Toolpath program should be on it and it will allow you to send the Gcode directly to the controller in one very slow process.I believe the baud rate is 9600.The DNC program sends smaller blocks at frequent intervals until the machining sequence is complete.I must admit to never running a program that exceeded the memory capacity of the controller,even with some 3D objects.

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