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    I am not sure if this is the right bit of the forum for this question but here goes anyhow.

    I have acquired this pump. Pictures below.

    Apparently they are used in the air conditioning industry for replenishing fluids or something. My friend had it as a backup for his vacuum pot but no longer needs it. He does woodturning stuff and uses a vacuum pot to impregnate epoxy into wood to stabilise it before turning it. He uses a very similar but slightly smaller pump.

    My question is would this be suitable for use with a vacuum bed/ chuck for work holding on my cnc (once its operational)?
    Thinking of this sort of thing. But I will probably try some HDPE because I have some.

    If not I might be able to use it as a bagpress type thing. It looks similar to their smaller pumps.



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    It should work for smaller tables, but you can't run coolant unless you install a filter/tank to catch any stray coolant before it gets to the pump, and you'll also need a good dust/swarf filter. Coolant and dust/swarf will quickly contaminate the pump oil.
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    Thanks m_c

    I am mainly intending to machine wood so coolant should not be an issue. I will add a filter somewhere in the airline for the dust, I had not considered that before.
    My worry was will it be able to run for longer jobs without overheating or something ?

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    should be fine with small surface area, also more than adequate for vacuum bagging. Have run mine for hours without a problem BUT you will get oil vapour from the exhaust and you need to vent this out of the workshop.
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