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    Hi Gents,

    So recently I have been speaking to boxford, they have been willing to sell me software for my boxford 190vmc, something I had ruled out completely due to everyone saying that unless you are a educational establishment they will not deal with you......

    Well they now seem happy to deal with Joe public hurrah!!
    So sent them pictures of my EEproms inside the machine and they cannot sell me software as my machine is too old Booo!!

    I suppose my questions are has anyone heard of this before?
    Does anyone know what dates the eeprom are able to work with the newest version of software?? My machine was built in 1991. In hope I can by new/old internals then buy the software!

    Has anyone got more recent electrics that they would want to sell after doing a conversion?

    Or has anyone an idiots guide to converting to Mach 3?

    I have looked for CDE (eaziform)in Luton who appear to be no longer and also have been contacting a company that advertised on eBay stating they convert boxfords but they simply do not answer the phone or respond to my voicemails!

    My VMC has sat not being used for nearly 4-5 years now! Id be more than happy to pay someone to convert it or do it myself, I just have know idea who could or how todo it!!

    Any chance anyone here knows the answers????


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    Boxford certainly used to only deal with educational establishments, but they do appear to of softened that stance lately.

    I'd guess it's probably more of a problem with the hardware not being capable, rather than just the EEPROM version not being new enough, otherwise you could just swap the EEPROM.

    Best option would be to just gut the existing controller, fit some new stepper drivers, along with a new controller. There are plenty options for controllers, but recommendations would depend on the specification of the machine, as that's where the real complications come in (i.e. tool changers).
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