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  1. if anyone has any spare bt35 collet chucks for denford triac id be interested in some
    unless anyone knows where i can purchase new?
    nothing showed on ebay when i searched

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    I've not seen on ebay for a few months now, as I've been scooping them up when they've been available.

    I did find an indian manufacturer who listed them in ER form, but that's as far as I got.
    Chinese suppliers wanted a copy of the relevant BT35 standard, as they only seem to do 30/40 tapers.

    Regardless, you were looking at a minimum order quantities of 50 or 100 to get a batch made.
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    I don't think this will be very useful... but here goes.

    Look to the Americans (ebay.com) - they have a few holders.

    I have a single BT35 DA-200 collet holder. This is sat on my desk in front of me.

    I *did* have a single BT35 - MT2 adaptor (to use a MT2-ER25 collet holder), but I lost too much height using this, so I bought a BT35-ER32 collet holder. These last two were last seen in the shed... and I can't remember if I've thrown them away.

    If you're interested in the first, it's yours; if you're interested in the others, give me time to tidy the shed and if I come across them, they're yours - I've 50% confidence in finding them.

    None have pull studs.

    pm me if interested.

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    I've not seen any proper bt35 tooling (da180 da200) on ebay for years.

    Last time I saw some I managed to get 9x da200 holders for 15 each

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  7. i just went through the stuff supplied with the mill- i have 9 assorted tool holders. ( 2 with er collets)
    5 were brand new in wax :-)
    strange as the pull studs on them were too long- and wasnt claming up tight!
    luckily i had correct length pull studs in stock. and now it works well on atc.
    still could do with more tooling- i hate having to re set tools!
    here is a quick video i took testing the atc code. couldnt work out whether it should retract before rotating or stay in by spindle (never run it on fanuc before converting)

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    I think I've now got about 15 assorted holders, as my machine came with a good few.

    I would prefer a good batch of ER collet holders though, which is something I may try and get quotes on again.
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  9. your using kmotion on yours arent you?
    how did you do spindle alignment for atc? in kmotion or in the servo?
    that was one thing that drove me nuts trying to work it all out.

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    Yes, I'm using KMotion.

    I never bothered with alignment, as my machine is a later one without the locating dogs.
    I do have the spindle servo index pulse connected to the KFlop, so if I did want to implement alignment, it would only involve a couple extra lines of code to rotate the spindle to the required position.
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    i went to southern engineering 2017 and spoke to some of the stalls selling tool holders, two did say they still had the moulds for bt35, but the demand just wasnt there

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  13. was just wondering - anyone think it would be possible to machine a conversion sleeve to go in the spindle- bt35 to iso30?
    iso 30 collet chucks are rediculously cheap now . i have around 150 for my routers!
    if i can find the exact dimensions i might get one of the chinese engineering companies that keep saying how good they are to knock up 10. thoughts?

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