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    Nearly finished building the base and gantry for my first budget cnc, now I need the electronics which means motors, drivers, psu etc...
    As this is a budget model (and my first, am a newbie) I am really trying to keep the price down.. The second model will have go faster stripes!

    Just wandering if anyone has some stuff they are upgrading from? I would be more specific in my requirements but will be surprised if it all comes from a single source, if you have something, let me know and I will try to use this thread to get the guru's to match it together for me...


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    Seems no-one wanted to sell their old bits... So have now bought everything I need from Zapp and DIYcnc..

    Now the fun bit... putting it all together!!

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    Hi Steve

    Let us all know how you get on, don't forget the photo's

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