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    I'm looking at the AM882 drives to run nema 23 stepper motors,

    There are 3 types
    AM882H DK

    It's for a Cnc router
    Any one know what the differences are and which one is best for a router.

    Thank you ( again ) lol
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    How about links to the drives
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    Found it thanks

    leadshine 2phase stepper driver AM882 AM882H DMA882S, input voltage :0VDC-100VDC/20VAC-80VAC both can work

    the latest version is DMA882S use for replace AM882 AM882H

    ​the different between am882 and AM882H is am882h with fan, am882 no fan

    1.Sensorless stall detection
    2.Extra-low motor noise offers excellent quietness
    3.Optimizes torque and nulls mid-range instability
    4.Self-test and Auto-configuration technology
    5.Options to set output current and microstep relolutions via DIP switch or software
    6.Microstep from 1 to 512
    7.Supply voltage up to +80 VDC
    8.Output current programmable, from 0.5A to 8.2A
    9.Automatic idle-current reduction and reduction rate is software configurable
    10.Fault out prevents damages to your machines or the materials
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crunch View Post
    Ok The cheapest one is DC only and the other will take AC or DC

    If you intend to build a power supply the go with the cheapest
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    IIRC AM882 are DC input only, whereas the H version will accept DC or AC input.
    Not sure about the DK bit.

    The DM-S drives are Leadshines latest drives, aimed to replace the old DM, AM, and EM drives, however they don't appear to have the same functionality as AM/EM drives as the only configuration is via DIP switches.

    And having just checked the leadshine website, I see they've just launched an EM-S drive, and all mention of DM-S has disappeared...
    I wonder if the DM-S didn't quite pass CE approval like the AM drives, so they've launched a new tweaked design for the EU/US?
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    Thanks guys
    I think I will go with the standard DC ones as I'm going to build power supply.
    ( with all your help hopefully )

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    I have 3 AM882 drives running my CNC and would like to tune them using ProTuner but am missing the serial cable.

    Would anyone have the pinout for that cable? Thanks

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hope this helps.

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