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    Hi everyone, yet one more dumb question that has probably been asked a million times or so..... Is it possible to take files off of Thingiverse and cut them out on a CNC router, obviously not all objects would be able to be converted, but I think it would be possible for some more 2D or 2.5D profiles to be downloaded and put through a cad program as apose to a slicer?
    What do you think?
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    Using Freecad and Openscad there is a way to reverse engineer STL into solid
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    Fusion 360 (free for home and hobby use) will also let you import an STL mesh model and use its built-in CAM to produce a toolpath for a router or whatever. I've done it this way myself, both starting with a 3D STL mesh created from a bunch of photographs and downloading a model from Thingiverse.

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