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    OK, so my machine is finally wired up and ready to roll as it were. I've sorted out the ethernet link, but UCCNC doesn't seem to want to recognise the licence key - even though I've put it in the UCCNC directory as per the manual. I emailed Balazs last night about it, but haven't had a reply yet - does anyone have any ideas what might be wrong please?

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    What error message do you get when you start UCCNC, is along the lines of no license or does it just give you the list to select a demo profile?

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    I don't seem to get any error message that I can see, it just starts up in demo mode as if the key wasn't there . I don't get the profile select thing any more as I've put /d AXBB-E into the shortcut that launches UCCNC

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    Then I think the problem may be a connection issue rather than license issue? Might be worth removing that switch in the shortcut to test. I'd then double check the ethernet adapter settings against the manual, and ensure you have packets being sent and received. If you're sending but getting nothing back make sure the firewall is disabled then retry.

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    Thanks for the suggestion, I'll try removing the switch and see what if any (it's WES 7 on a thin client) firewall is there. However it does a ping test fine, and passes the UCC utility comms test as well, so it can't be completely broken :puzzled:

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    Removing the switch doesn't solve it, just means you have to select the device before going into demo mode. Likewise firewall seems fine, UCCCNC seems to have automatically added itself to the list of permitted programs. Starting to get V. frustrated now, I need to get this thing cutting ASAP as I have the potential of some paying work soon.

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    Sorry to be pedantic, but let's double check specifics - let me know if any statement is false:

    Your PC network adapter is set to:
    Subnet Mask:

    You can see packets being sent and received on that adapter.

    The AXBB-E is powered up via external +24v

    You're using a cross over Ethernet cable

    You have pinged the AXBB-E on the address and you have got a response.

    You can see it using the UCCNC connection utility.

    Now, what version of UCCNC are you running?

    Also, I appreciate it has entries in the firewall but you need to try disabling it completely. The firewall entries can be misleading because they still depend on what type of network windows thinks it is on (that Public / Work / Home network thing). Always worth a try.

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    Aye, a tick to all of those apart from the crossover cable which didn't work at all (LEDs in RJ45's all wrong), which I put down to the intended usage of the thin client PC: use a straight cable and comms are tickityboo
    I'm running version 1.211, thought the latest would be best. I'll try disabling the firewall, but I added permission for all networks for UCCNC (it had only added itself to public) and that didn't seem to help.

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    Just reading through the manual again: the /d command forces the software to run in demo mode, so you definitely don't want that.

    You want either /p with a profile name or /s with a serial number specified.

    Version 1.211 should be fine with the AXBB but there's no harm in an updated version I guess.

    Can you post a screenshot of the device connection utility showing your AXBB connected, one of the list you get when you start up, and one of the UCCNC root directory in file explorer?

    Have you checked the UCCNC folder permissions and the licence file permissions to ensure its accessable? The licence file should be in the same folder as the UCCNC executable.

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    Check this out it might help


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