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    They want to force you down the hole of buying into Pumotix.
    That's prob why the plugin has vanished from download.

    What do you expect from the Russians!.
    Pumotix software is free of charge, so ...

    I have a computer that is planned to be connected to a future machine. It is an Intel D201 Mini-ITX board running Windows XP with Mach3 and Pumotix installed, plus some other software.
    Not connected to internet, just to local LAN for file transfer.

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  3. First of all we'd like to say that our PLCM motion controllers are still compatible with Mach3. Please see the right plugin for that https://purelogic.ru/soft/elektronik...mach3_soft.zip
    So you can use it without a problem. If there are any problems, feel free to contact us either here or on our website.
    And of course we are interested in promoting our software. If you have one of our Ethernet motion controllers, you can get the software basic options free.
    All others are also available as a trial.
    But we've never made anyone use Pumotix and escape Mach3.

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