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    Hi all,

    Would like to hear from anyone who has a Boxford TCL that they are looking to move on. My preference would be for a machine that has not yet been converted to modern spec, as I am hoping to do that myself to learn as much as possible. Preference is for a 240, then a 160 and then 125 but in reality would be interested in anything that is available. Im on the south coast but am willing to hear from anyone UK wide. Thanks

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    my name is denis
    I am in possession of 2 boxford tcl 280 lathes
    fist: original electronics plus one board modified in mach3,
    with a self-made tool changer,
    second: the electronics had been changed by the previous owner but did not work.
    right now ok with mach 3.
    original revised turret

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    Know this is a bit late at 11 months but if you're still looking for an unmolested 160 TCL I have one. Will PM you

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