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    Please look at the attached wiring diagram and let me know if this makes sense, and if there is anything I need to change?

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    Hi Ian,

    Couple of things I've noticed;

    1. Why does X103 connect straight to the input +24V pin? This means the UB1 board won't have any power.
    2. Looks like you intend to solder bridge X103-X110 to the safety circuit if that note is anything to go by, but you haven't connected anything to OSSD so the safety circuit won't be doing anything.
    3. If you are using the safety circuit, use a momentary switch with the OVR pin to override it when needed. I've hooked my OSSD pin to the enable line on the drives, so that if the VFD faults or any of the drivers fault, the motor drivers are disabled. Its also a second layer on the estop - if the UB1 thinks there is an estop condition the drives are disabled, even if the contactor has somehow not released to de-power them.
    4. NPN proximity switches (if you're using the inductive type at least) are usually 3 pin, not two. You'll probably need an extra +24V line to them.
    5. Looks like a Huanyang VFD? If so the manual says don't turn on and off with a contactor.
    6. Recommend taking a line from the VFD's FA/FB/FC relay to X103-X115 for a fault signal.
    7. Whats the plan with the DC-to-DC converter? The UB1 is capable of sending the speed control signal to the VFD without it - it loses a little at the top end, but that can be compensated by just running the VFD with a 0-10V input and configuring UCCNC to output 24,000 RPM = 10V.
    8. E-Stop looks interesting. Looks like you're trying to use Relay 3 as a way for the UB1 to trigger a software e-Stop? Might want a no-volt relay in here so that when you lose power and regain again you don't go shooting off with random code - or is that what the momentary switch is for in parallel?
    9. I've really liked using the tamper-proof style LED switches, using the Y outputs to signal when the LED lights up which gives a nice idea about software state (e.g. my limit override button lights up yellow when the machine is at a limit).

    If it helps, my UB1 diagram is post #73 on this page. Its pretty up to date and would work 95% - I've made a couple of minor changes since but nothing major.
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    Hi AndyUK,

    Thanks for this, it's exactly what I am looking for. I am not electronically literate at all, so its going to take me and my son a couple of days to work through you notes and make the required adjustments to my layout. Would you mind looking over it again once I have worked it through? One more question, what SW did you use to create your circuit diagram?


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    You're welcome, glad it's useful.

    More than happy to chime in on the revised one - keep us updated as there are lots of members much better with the electronics than me :)

    I used MS Visio. I tried lots of bits of software trying to find something I liked and it took a long time, seems lots of dedicated electronics layout software packages were missing the ability to choose wire colours and simple stuff like that. Visio is quite similar to PowerPoint so relatively simple to use, but still took a long time to get a diagram that I liked.

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    Would you mimd posting the original Visio file please? Save me the trouble of redrawing so0me of the stuff.


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    We (or should I say AndyUK) has found some issues with the wiring diagram. I will be redoing the layout and posting it here when it is done for further comment.


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