I work for a graphics company (TIMSCO Graphics in Maryland), and we have been having some problems with one of our drag knifes. We were trying to cut 3/16" foam core, which is normally an easy job. Long story short- we broke an aftermarket piece on our MultiCam Digital Express machine. I'm the purchasing agent for the company, so the responsibility to fix the problem fell on me. I don't mind- I like a challenge.
After a quick search online I found Donek Tools (donektools.com). I called the owner, Jenifer, and I explained my problem. After a little back and forth and trying a few different ideas, Jenifer called me back and said she had found the exact part that we needed, but now for the best part- she shipped us the part at no cost! She said it was something she had laying around but that she had to find. I was amazed. There are still professional, caring business people in the world who truly care about their customers. I wanted to do something for Donek Tools for providing amazing customer service, so that is why I'm here posting this. Just an FYI if you want great customer service.