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    I assume as it's possible to cut these with a TCT handsaw, doing it on the CNC would be no problem - but does anyone have any ideas of things like best tooling, spindle speed and DOC/feedrates please? cheers.

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    Is an Aztec calendar on the cards?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neale View Post
    Is an Aztec calendar on the cards?
    Sadly not - just some arkward shaped bits of "stonework" for the house.

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    What type of block ?
    Are they lightweight Celcon or similar ?
    If it's not a big job you will be able to machine Celcon with ordinary TCT cutters, you will have to play /experiment with feed and speed.
    Fag packet sketch would be helpfull.

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    Yes Mike, Celcon Standard or Solar grade blocks or equivalent. I don't have any sketches yet, but basically its curved top bits and side trims for arched top windows/doorways. Maybe I'll buy a cheap cutter or two and see how I get on - it will mean improving the dust covers on the machine a bit too, as I can see this would generate A LOT of dust, and abrasive dust at that - that was always on the list of improvements to do anyway.

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