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    Hi, I have noticed a few of these machines sell for reasonable prices on Gumtree and eBay recently, and wonder if they might be an interesting cheap first machine. However I want to be able to machine wood joints in the ends of boards mounted vertically.

    As the design has duel Y lead screws, it looks conceivable that a hole/slot could be cut in the base of the sheet metal cabinet to allow this.

    Could someone familiar with this machine confirm whether this is practical or is the base more than just a single layer of sheet metal?

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    Bump....anyone about with knowledge of this model?

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    I have a microrouter though not the V4 and would have no issue cutting a slot in the base of the cabinet (there is already a hole in mine for a vacuum table) though to be on the safe side I would keep it as small as possible. The cabinet is fairly substantial and the base is 2 or 3mm thick at a guess. My cabinet base is a single layer but is stiffened with the sides and additional U sections welded on but they aren't in the centre.
    Before buying make sure that it is either complete with the Denford software or has been retro-fitted to run on something else otherwise the cost of an upgrade and/or software could be a deal breaker.

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    Thanks ngwagwa...just what I wanted to know. The V4 has a 'vacuum port' in the base too, so good to know it is just an access hole for the pipe.

    And yes you are right to raise the retrofit issue as well - the cheap ones tend to have no PC or software with them. I can see from other threads that a high quality electronics upgrade is feasible (but at a cost, thinking on lines of UCCNC AXBB-E with 50V PSU and digital drives like the CW-5045). However also investigating whether a grbl based system (or new Duet3) might give a more budget alternative route.

    Ultimately, as other have said - it is a rather limited machine, particularly in terms of size, all be it in a nice enclosure. I am just trying to decide whether with access slots in base and side to enable end machining of longer wood pieces it would offer enough capability to make a valuable first machine.

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    I recently upgraded mine with an AXBB controller, power supplied from Airlink 500VA 230v to 2x45v toroidal transformer (bridge rectifier 400V 35A and 4 OFF Electrolytic Capacitor, 4700 F, 100 VDC). Can't remember which stepper drivers. I really like the UCCNC software.

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