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    Also, check the spindle - you look to be missing two oilers - run it short-term with a squirt of oil into the bores for the oilers but you need to think of a long term solution.

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    re Jib strip, mine has slots about 1mm deep aligning with the screws, i drilled and reamed an 1/8" hole and fit a silver steel dowel

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    Good news, the mounting holes are the same width. I'll order that part and the ones that go with it. I think I'll drill out the hole and mount the brass nut, it's strange how the warwick didn't use the same setup.

    I actually have 2 new oilers, just not in the pic.

    Today looks like a nice day to strip the whole thing down and give it a good clean, I'm going to film it so I'll be able to put it back together :D

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    Quote Originally Posted by mekanik View Post
    The Tailstock is almost identical to my Elliot Emcomat 7
    Hi Mike, is your tailstock MT2? That's what the bloke said it was when I bought it, I'm going to order a chuck so thought I'd double check.

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    Yes MT2
    You will probably want a rotating centre also, plus some micrometers if you don't already have them,and a set of imperial and metric thread gauges and a Zeus book.

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    Random thought.

    Where's the screw for the top slide?, and do you have to consider this when cutting the long screw (i.e. is it intended for both top and cross slides?) You also don't appear to have the nut for the top slide.

    If you're sensitive to such things, you're at a point where you are pretty uncommitted to the end-game here, you could decide now whether to make the top/cross slides imperial or metric.

    ... and yes, warm sunday afternoons are perfect for stripping down a lathe :-)

    EDIT: Ah. think I spot your top slide screw on the bottom of pic 4?

    BTW, the more I look at this, and the pictures of Warwicks, the more I'm absolutely convinced you have a ML7 Cross/Top slide assembly.

    EDIT 2: Musing.... I wonder if the previous owner started making the cross slide screw as the interface between the Warwick saddle and the Myford cross-slide... and the length of the screw on the bottom of image 4 looks more like the original myford cross-slide screw.... Up to the OP of course but I'd be looking at the possibility of retro-fitting a Myford nut into the hole in the Warwick saddle and re-instating the myford screw for the cross slide.
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    Doddy, yes the top slide screw is present. I think you maybe right about it being a myford cross slide too.

    I'm going to order some parts for the Myford and see how I get on.

    I didn't manage to strip anything today, I'm half way through decorating the bedroom and I didn't think I'd get away with 'non'essential tinkering' :D

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    Quote Originally Posted by mekanik View Post
    re Jib strip, mine has slots about 1mm deep aligning with the screws, i drilled and reamed an 1/8" hole and fit a silver steel dowel
    Best way to fit a gib strip. Otherwise you get a "wedging" action between the end of the adjusting screw and the dimple it fits in which makes it a bit more difficult to adjust to that "silky with no slop" fit. The dowel stops sideways movement. At least it's an easy thing to do!

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