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    I have been renovating my wife's parents house. It was built in the '20's in the Arts & Crafts style.

    Before we demolished the garage, I found the original house name plate. It was engraved in copper and filled with an enamel/epoxy-like material.

    I intend restoring the name plate but am short of a house number plate.

    I would like a quotation for the machining of the number "2" in a 3mm thick, 100mm square copper plate.

    To match the name-plate it should be cut .75mm deep with a 2.5mm dia cutter. The nearest font that I could find is Adobe Garamond Pro (but there are many similar).

    Below are photos to help explain.

    Please PM me if interested and we can discuss the detail (I live in West Leeds)



    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Help anyone?

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