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    I have some slots/holes (typically 2....3mm wide) to do pretty accurately in a number of pieces of 80% nickel sheet, so the CNC's the obvious go-to. I was told by the supplier that it's a bastard to work with, does anyone have any experience of this please? I'm guessing it will be a bit like stainless & work harden rapidly hence you need to press on mercilessly, but if anyone has any info on speed & feed I'd be very grateful, thanks.

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    Hi, i work with nickel alloys on a daily basis.
    Yes it will work harden rapid with that specific grade. That grade can often cut like aluminium, and clog up 4 flute cutters.
    We tend to mill much larger than 3mm. However we have found 2 flutes work well. As for feeds & speeds, i would aim for a slightly higher feed than you would for stainless.
    As you mention you need to press on merciless with it.
    I find carbide or HSS tools work well.

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    Cheers for the advice - I'll try some 2 flutes next time I have to do some parts.

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