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    Hi all thanks for having me here I shall post some pics of my machine a bit later on but for now was hoping some one might know whats going on.
    I have a CNC machine I built many years ago it has been running ok but I have noticed one odd thing.
    I have soft limits (no hard limit switches) and lets say I am manually returning the Z axis and X asis home if the Z axis gets to its limits first the X axis moto will give an odd twang noise (very odd as if the motor has a spring in it I cant explain it but shall posty a video) and some times stalls or makes an odd noise.
    It also does it if I am returning the Y axis the X axis will stall.

    The other thing is its ONLY the X axis that stalls if I return the Z axis while also moving the Y none will stall if one gets there first but does also give the twang like noise though the motor that has not reached its limits.

    I can post a pic and a video if need be a bit later on.
    I have been using this machine for a long time with not many issues this does not really cause an issue when cutting as I never hit the soft limits of any axis but would like to get it figured out.

    I have posted a few pictures of my machine below

    Thanks so so much in advance.


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    I have lowered the speed of the motors in Mach3 from 60 to 50 (it rounded it down to 49.??? for some reason) and does not do it now but I think this is just masking the real issue?.

    I did swap the X and Y over and the X was the one that still stalled so motor?.
    I am thinking it could be vibration as well? LOL I have no idea.

    If any one has any ideas that would be great

    thanks again all

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    OK back all with videos.

    So as you can see if I move the Z or Y axis and either one reaches home first then X will stall if its still moving.
    If I move Z and Y and either one reaches its hme neither one will stall its only X that stalls.

    I have also incuded a video called TWANG LOL in this video I have dropped the speed of the motors to 50 and the X axis does not stall (or very rare any way) at the above condition BUT you can hear the TWANG from the motors that I was talking about..

    here are the videos




    Thanks in advance all

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