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    Hi All,

    Thanks for a great forum and to all the knowledgeable regular posters, much appreciated. I am wanting to use a toroidal transformer direct to AC drives for my CNC build which is an Avid clone 4'x4'. Before purchasing I wanted to request a second opinion on the sizing of the toroidal transformer.

    I have purchased four of the Lichuan 5.5Nm 5.8A motors and AC drives (LCDA86H+LC60H2127). I intend to go with a 30+30v secondary's wired in series for 60V output direct to the drives.

    According to the calcs on the forum the VA should be 4 x 5.8A x 60%. This gives me 13.92 or 14A then multiplied by 60V giving me 840VA. This would mean getting a 1000VA transformer. Would this not be overkill? Could I rather run them at 54% of rated current which would mean a 750VA transformer? I also noticed in a previous thread from a few days ago that even a 625VA would be sufficient?

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    All good, found a discussion on this thread:


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    I know you found the other thread but I will just mention this here. Check the mains supply coming into your house because it will affect the output you get from the transformer.
    Most transformers are rated for 230V and if your house is putting 240V or peaking like mine can at 250v then you will get a very different output.

    Just put a meter on the supply at various times of the day to see what your getting.
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