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    Can someone suggest a replacement for wm234 ma driver it's used in a laser cutting and engraving machine.

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    That looks like quite a basic drive. From a quick search it's rated at 40V and 3A with a 50% idle current reduction.

    It's also apparently a direct swap with a Q2HB34MA, which brings up this page with connection detail - https://szjingbo888.diytrade.com/sdp...or_driver.html

    The only unique feature of the drive, is it's designed for 6 or 8 wire motors, which I honestly have no idea why it does that, other than that page mentions "6 or 8 leads motors have to be used because of the special control circuit in the drive."

    Something like a Leadshine DM542 will give you an option for 50% current reduction at idle, however you'll need to alter wiring slightly.
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