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    Awhile ago I purchased a C-Beam machine, shortly afterwards I decided that the spec of the machine didn't really give me the work area I needed so I purchased the necessary Openbuild pieces to increase the work area and working height. Currently the work area is 2' X 12" with a cutting height of 6"

    Direction X is not a problem when when cutting in Y there is massive flexing of the Z axis as the router cuts, even cutting softwood with a new V bit cutting to 3mm it still cause problems.

    My choices are to find some way of removing the flexing of the beam or simply get another CNC machine which is strong enough to do the job. Seems to me that the materials used on the C-Beam is only good for a small work area.

    Has anyone done a conversion on this machine or can recommend a different machine. My dilemma is that the workshop space I have I am unable to have something much bigger than what I have which is 1000 x 800. depending on design I could go a bit bigger.

    I would preferably like to strengthen my existing one. Any ideas would be welcome

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    To clarify things which way round do you have the X and Y axes - looking from the front of the machine or the side?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Voicecoil View Post
    To clarify things which way round do you have the X and Y axes - looking from the front of the machine or the side?

    From the front.

    X X

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    Usually X direction is the problem with the gantry twisting, but in your case sounds like the Z axis is not stiff enough? Might have reached the limit of that design. Do you have any photos ?
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