Hello all,

I've been approached with some work which (after an initial production run) would need repeating every so often.

It's basically cutting (no assembly) full size retro arcade cabs in MDF. Each cab comes out of two 8'x4'x18mm sheets - 16 shapes in total. The sides and the control-console would need edge slotting (see pic below - for the T-mold trim) and the back underside edge of the control-console needs a large chamfer but that's about as tricky as it gets. Not much set-up involved with this - with the slotting and chamfering best done manually with a small hand held router.

Click image for larger version. 

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I've already made one of these for the customer to put together and check fitment etc. I'll no doubt need to refine the CAD a bit (two .pdfs of profiles laid out on an 8x4 art-board) and perhaps add in some drill holes for internal bracing etc.

It's a decent bit of work, but I can't really take it on seriously without dicking about a bit - my router isn't big enough and I'm relying on the good will of a company I know to hire me their 8x4 when it's not in action - furthermore, their machine is a bit temperamental and quite likely to cause me a fair bit of ball-ache in missed steps down the line, so I'd rather pass the work on to someone with a reliable 8x4 and a bit of capacity to fit the odd run of 5-10 cabs in.

Interested? Drop me a PM..!