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    I recently bought an ex-demo Axminster/SIEG iKC4 lathe but unfortunately some of the tool parts are missing.

    I am new to CNC'ing on a metal work lathe but I need to bore out the centre of a billet with a drill before using a boring bar.

    The shanks are 12mm with a flat surface to prevent the boring bars moving when in an internal position in the ATC but I am struggling to find any drill chuck arbors that are also 12mm with a flat.

    While I have spoken to the manufacturer and get parts sent over the postage from China is pretty high and I would like to source quicker and more locally if possible.

    That said there are several items in the manual that are listed:
    B10 Cone collet joint handle (The clamping range 0.6-6)
    B12 Cone collect joint handle (The clamping range 1-10)
    Joint handle of the collect

    Does anyone know where I might source the arbors and indeed what these manual entries mean? (The third entry is the arbour and the first two chucks with their respective mount sizes?)

    Also it is possible to buy drill bits with a flat or at least short bits to fit in an ATC. (Making 12mm holes would be all I need for now.)

    Thanks in advance if anyone can help.

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    Sounds like you might benefit more from something like this: https://www.cutwel.co.uk/lathe-tools...holders-teknik

    It will let you drill, bore, and turn all with the same tool and only take up one space on your tool post! It won't hurt the wallet too much either. The only issue you may have is that you're limited to the size you can drill, so anything smaller may be an issue. but it would work fine for your 12mm hole you need to do now, depending on the depth you need to bore of course.

    You could also go down the route of ER holders like this: https://www.cutwel.co.uk/12mm-straig...o-c12-er16-80m

    That way you could use any drill size you needed between 0.5 - 10mm depending on what set of collets you bought to go with the holder. This would be more expensive but a bit more versatile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimJam View Post
    Sounds like you might benefit more from something like this: https://www.cutwel.co.uk/lathe-tools...holders-teknik
    Great, thanks. I will take a look!

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    Another thank you JimJam.

    I actually purchased both of these tools in the end. One for smaller diameter drilling (coupled with HSS Co stub drills) and the TekNik MT for 10mm drilling and boring stock.

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