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    Gosh I am out of date. Mind you, the power feed I am rewiring uses a DIAC for the speed control so I am not completely passed it

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    Yes, I remember them. Presumably used in the gate of a triac or scr, then. That dates the controller, as that threshold function has been built into triacs for many years now. I'd guess 1980s, most likely.

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    1980's? Warco sold it as new

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    Perhaps an SCR drive then, as SCRs don't have a 30V threshold on them. But even so, the market for diacs is very limited these days.

    What's it driving? Is it a triac or an SCR?

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    SCR that's the beastie, my ageing brain has obviously succumbed to the barrage of transient ischaemic attacks.

    Fortunately, I can still understand how the circuit works even if I can no longer name the individual components

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    Motors and PSU have arrived, I wasn't actually expecting them before 10/1/21

    Look great, comfortably heavy.

    I read the manual and just when I thought it must be reaching the bit about the USB connection it suddenly stopped, repeated itself in German and ended.

    Guess you aren't supposed to use that part

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    Good luck mate.

    Upto about 100$ some steppers are ok for better stuff.
    After that, ac brushless servos are the right choice - about 5-7x better by every possible measure.
    About the same money, all-in.

    Lets see how it works out for you.

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    A bit late now, I am already compensating for my poor choice by printing lightweight handles
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I had large cast iron wheels like that on my Bridgeport. I couldn't get a decent response from the DMM servos until I removed them. Their moment of inertia was much bigger than the ballscrew itself and the reflected inertia of the table and vise, particularly on the X axis which had 2 of the buggers. As I have an MPG, turns out I never use the handwheels anyway but your solution would be a pragmatic middle way.

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    Oh yes, don't give up on your handles, I am fighting to keep the dials. What is MPG? Miles per gallon doesn't seem to fit the context

    Not fighting to keep these ghastly, spring-loaded, press in before you can turn it handles though.

    New handles need paint - wondered if aluminium coloured paint existed - had forgotten about alloy car wheels - spoilt for choice

    Click image for larger version. 

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