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    I've just joined the Devonport Men's Shed here in Tasmania and they have a CNC router which is not geting much use. The machine iteself looks failrly solid but the controller is a RichAuto A11 and the VFD is not a make I recognise. The instructions are completely incomprehensible and even with my experience of using LinuxCNC I'm yet to make the spindle start either from the VFD control panel or the A-11 pendant, though it has run in the past I'm told, or to persuade it to run a G-code file when I want it to, though it has done so in the past I'm told.

    There is ominously little mention of RichAuto on the forum according to my searching. Does anyone have experience of actually making one of these things do useful work or know where to find some instructions in real English (or even American... or Australian)?

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    From the serial number it looks like the Fuling DZB280 model.
    There are some instructions about the parameters here: https://www.eaglecnctec.com/news/68.html - but I don't know if these are any better than what you have already.
    One thing to try is to change Code F0.01 (Command source : 0- keyboard; 1- terminal; 2- communication) to see if you can get it to run from the keypad.
    RichAuto controller (A11?) manuals & wiring instructions here : http://richauto.com.cn/en/service/download/ - I get your point about the language!
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    Thanks for the links. we have the RichAuto manual which is the sum total of the information the other guys at the shed have been working with. Having read it you will understand the problem! Nobody else there has any experience of any kind with CNC so I'm the 'one-eyed man' in this instance. At least I know some of the questions to ask even if I can't find the answers yet. I'm a bit reluctant to dive in and just play with a machine that isn't mine and it's always possible that some of the VFD factory settings have been changed by accident by me or others.

    The shed have bought VectricPro and put it on 3 laptops which some members have been using to learn CAD and CAM procedures. It's interesting see the confusion there is between what you control from Vectric and what is controlled at the machine. Once I get to grips with the whole machine and it's software I may have to blow the dust off my old Senior Lecturer hat and deliver some training.


    PS For those who may be interested, here is a link to explain what a Men's Shed is in Australia. https://mensshed.org/what-is-a-mens-shed/
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    I printed off some information from that VFD website link and was able to make more sense of the settings. I have now got it to start from the RichAuto controller and have been able to raise the required run speed from the 0 rpm it was set to. I've also reduced the deceleration time from 450 seconds to a more reasonable 15. Still need to sort out how to control the speed from the RichAuto rather than manually on the VFD but that can wait until my next visit on Monday. Thanks for your help.

    I've also downloaded a demo version of UCCNC onto my laptop so that I could demo it to the other interested shed members and make them aware of what a real machine controller looks like.
    An optimist says the glass is half full, a pessimist says the glass is half empty, an engineer says you're using the wrong sized glass.

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