Hello everybody.
My occupation is doing service on Professional CNC machines , And for som years there was a workshop nearby that had all the machines that i needed ( and i had a key :dance: ) .
But unfortunately was the owner going in to pension , and all the machines was sold. So now I have to go quite fare to do some machining.
As I have a small workshop at home I have now considered to buy both a lathe and a Milling machine for my hobby use . I have been looking at both the C6 lathe and the X3 . I find the C6 a litle bit to small , not in lenght , but in the sving . And has so fare not found any Gap bed macines in the same class (with CNC). I have had a look at the 4003 from Grizzly , and this one would bee just the right size . But i have not found any CNC kit for this. So I thought that i might by it and make the CNC for it my self. I could then by the X3 at the same place. If anyone has other suggestions , or Ideas of what to by and make ,they are appreciated

Best Regards