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  1. As some of you are aware i closed Zapp Automation down in July last year, and i still have about 72k of stock, that i purchased from the liquidator.
    I want to sell all of that stock, so i am offering it at a much-reduced rate of 10K (No VAT added)
    within this stock are ballscrew/nuts, leadscrew, stepper motors, some servo motors and a few drivers, lots of belts and pulley, sprocket and chains, lots of pneumatic fittings, cylinders and solenoids., lots of switchgear, contactors, circuit breaker and pushbuttons from Lovato, and also some aluminium extrusion and fixings from Kanya. and some tooling plate. there are lots of other parts as well, that i have not listed I am not really interested in people buying small parts, and only interested in someone buying it all. If someone is interested in this, please email me directly, because I do not get a notification of replies. You can email me directly at [email protected]

    I have it all stored in Bournemouth, so you can view what is left.

  2. I have now decided that i can split up the stock I have, so have added a lot of it to my ebay shop.
    There is no VAT added and the cost is a lot less than it would have been.
    I have ballscrews, leadscrews, Aluminium, some stepper motors and drivers and lots of pneumatic parts.

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    link not working

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    Just checking you are aware this was posted 1st April last year.

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