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    I got chatting to a workmate who wanted a IOM TT track on his wall. I wanted to have a go at epoxy resin in wood after seeing Wal's work so I offered to give it a go. I have a few issues to fix if I want to start to sell items like this but I'm pretty pleased with the first attempt.

    First issue is the panel has bowed so I think I'll have to rough out the shape, skim the back flat and then finish the front. Secondly, the resin seemed to take way longer to cure than the recommended 12-24hrs...I'm not sure if this is because of the pigment, Temperature or just the resin....I need to experiment a little more I think.
    The resin also chipped slightly so I think I will machine the swirl in two passes next time. Any recommendations on what to use to polish up the resin?
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    Looks very classy.
    Re. Wood bowing, how deep do you make the carving?

    And what resin and dye did you use? Did you have any issue with bubbles?

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    Did you leave it sitting flat overnight?

    Better to position for even airflow (upright with both faces exposed)

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    Quote Originally Posted by pippin88 View Post
    Did you leave it sitting flat overnight?

    Better to position for even airflow (upright with both faces exposed)
    It was left clamped for a few days but there was plenty of airflow below the workpiece....I'm not sure if you could tell from the image but I had it screwed through the back supported on the top and bottom edge only, I removed 9mm leaving 10mm panel thickness at the deepest points. It bowed by approximately 0.5mm on each end, probably just the wood relaxing so now I'm aware I will change methods slightly. My workmate is happy enough though :)

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    Looks great..!


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