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    I have a Denford Easiturn CNC Fagor 8020T 3ph (Servo Version) - new TFT screen, updated so the RS232 works etc. Fully working - POWERFUL servos. Apparently only about 12 of these were made (too expensive to make).

    Reluctantly thinking of selling (need thge money)

    Anyone got any idea what it is worth?

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    You're probably looking at a bit less than a Cyclone.

    3 phase will put off quite a few people.
    Easiturn's aren't as production friendly as Cyclones (non-slant bed, and not fully enclosed), but tailstock can add to desirability, so limited market for anybody looking for a compact production machine.

    I think the demand for older controls is diminishing, so I'm not even sure it would be desirable for somebody just wanting it for the controller.
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