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    So I came on to the forum saw the thread below this, logged in, and gave my 2 penny-worth. Hit back a couple of times to get back to the home page, take a peek at another thread again try to offer a bit of help but find I've been logged out and have to log in again Why? do we need to log in to every single thread one by one now? Seems a bit daft to me, I don't have this problem on any other forums, when you're in you're in.

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    I haven't noticed this problem, I've just tried moving about to check and all is well. I tend to right click and 'open in a new tab' on all the threads flagged as having new content on the home page and then go through them. It's much quicker than waiting for the home page to refresh every time.

    MikeS has been having problems replying to threads, I wonder if these are browser-specific problems? I'm using Firefox.

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    I don't have any issues.?
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    The problem is with your web browser. I don't have to log in every time, regardless which computer or phone or tablet I am using.

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    I only need to log back in if I clear my cookies. I use Opera.

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