so i purchased one of these -

not actually used it yet, but my initial thoughts

he said 5 weeks and it took 7, didnt get a single communication from him for 5 weeks until i questioned what was happened.

the machine has no homing switches, which im totally shocked at. didnt even know you could get a cnc without homing switches, my 350 laser cutter has homing switches. not even sure i know how to use it without homing switches and limits.

when i go into homing/limits in mach its empty, so looks like i could easily damage the machine, i will be adding limit switches.

the estop is wired backwards :(
took me about an hour of faffing to work out why mach would activate, push the estop down and mach engages. easy fix i know, but come on...
when you hit the estop when the machine is running it appears to kill the uc100 controller, which is highly annoying. it disconnects from mach.

very heavy machine which is good.

will report more once i use it.