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    It's been a while since I posted any updates regarding this project, I was simply busy with some other activities, some hobby related some not, so I had no time to post anything.

    But now it's time again for another video. The major difference is that after my tests and the last video, I decided to digitalize my DIY micro lathe since it works very well, not only for aluminium and brass, but also for steel. So I bought two steppers, made some tests, but then got busy with photography, buying new cars (EVs of course) and other activity, so the project got to a halt. However, a few weeks ago I thought that it's a shame not to carry on and finish it, so I fixed the two steppers more permanently and made some test cuts with the new CNC lathe, turning aluminium, threading, rounding and chamfering and my tests were so successful that I decided to make a video.

    The video not only shows the CNC lathe in action, but it is actually used for making a real thing, a micro chuck adapter, so that I can use that micro chuck for drilling with tiny drill bits when I am too lazy to use the ER16 collets. The results were surprisingly good and in fact, I was so happy with it that I decided to carry on, and ordered a new Multifix type tool holder, which I believe will improve it a lot. It is a real one, made out of steel, not like the one I am using now, which is aluminium. The one I have now works also, but is not that rigid, so there is a bit of chatter and vibration. But that is OK, considering the price. I bought it knowing it's limitations, but also was ready to buy something better in case I am otherwise happy with my DIY CNC lathe. So that will be my next upgrade, apart from small bits and pieces which I intend to do.

    One such thing will be adding emergency stops. As it is now, if the servo would stall the steppers will continue pushing the cutter, which no doubt will cause damage. So that must be fixed as soon as possible, because it is not a good thing. If it happens I want the machine to stop immediately on it's own.

    I am controlling the lathe with UCCNC, which does not have a lathe function, but for my intended use it works pretty well for now. The G code is manually generated by myself, and for now I am happy to do it manually. It gives me some experience in handling the lathe since I am totally new to this type of work, so the slow progress is an advantage and is giving me a learning experience.

    Anyway, if you are interested, please watch this video.
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    My Multifix type tool post arrived and I used it also. It is way better than the aluminium quick change tool post I used before even if it is just fixed with a simple M10 bolt. However, the first use I made for it was to create a tool post holder screw. I measured all the dimensions, found a piece of steel rod in a hardware shop near me which I could use and made the tool post holder. It took some time and not without mistakes, but finally it is ready. It is not perfect, but will be much better than the threaded rod I used originally. I will probably make a new one without the mistakes, now that I learned something while making this one.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    I made a video regarding this upgrade and the making of the tool post holder screw and nut.

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