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    Thank you for that, I've been looking for bed ideas! Ive ordered some spikes. However I'm not sure this was the problem, because as I said, there is no melting in the middle of the bed where there is another rail across underneath the honeycomb mesh.

    Anyway, I'll try this and will report any findings.

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    As I understand from the photo,the melt has happened on a curve, that means that the laser speed is slowed down at that point,in the middle of the bed is it a straight cut or a parabolic?
    Anyway it is just a theory, but the spike bed will be a good upgrade.
    Let us know what happens after you replace your laser bed.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    OK, I've made a spikey bed and after trying it out it seems to be about the same or maybe even worse. I'm currently placing the sheets on an old scrap sheet of acrylic that's had parts cut out of it. I've attached a couple of photos of the trial cut. What's weird is that one edge is not too bad but then the other edge adjacent to it is a lot worse.

    Any more ideas / suggestions?

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    Thanks to all for your help. It turned out to be a combination of different issues. I've since upgraded the tube to 120w so I don't have to push it so hard, also stiffened up the Y axis (got rid of the plastic wheel that was on one side and replaced with a linear bearing), realigned and cleaned all the mirrors, realigned the z bed and now the cut quality is much improved.
    Oh, and I also focus further down into the material too.

    Many thanks 👍

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